5.5. 2:Approaches to Waste Management

December 17th, 2009

Huge quantities of waste are produced globally each year, Waste Management strategies are designed to lessen the impact of this waste. Governments and Industry invest large sums into developing policy and strategies aimed at dealing with the problems of waste production. Old methods like landfill are now being questioned as to their safety and long term sustainability.

Waste Management can be thought of as a series of steps each becoming less favorable than the preceding step.

  1. Reduction of the amount of Waste made in the first instance
  2. Reuse materials where ever possible
  3. Recycle as much material as possible within the Waste stream
  4. Recover valuable materials from older waste technologies such as incineration and land fill
  5. Landfill only that waste that can not be handled in any other way
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